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Minh Cuong Group Joint Stock Company (MINH CUONG GROUP) which was established on 31 May 2010 is one of the leading companies in design and construction of cleanrooms with the following main business lines:


1. Design and Construction of Cleanrooms for the manufacturing sectors such as: Pharmaceuticals, Functional Foods, Food Processing, Cosmetics, Operating Rooms, Laboratories, Biosafety Laboratories (BSL2, BSL3), Vaccines & Pharmaceutical Storages, Cold Storages, Veterinary Medicines, Pharmaceutical Packagings, Electronic Manufacturing Factories conforming to the standards of World Health Organization (GMP, GSP, GLP), ISO 14644, ISO 17025, ISO 15378, HACCP… ;


2. Manufacturing, Supply and Installation of PU panel, EPS panel, Glasswool panel systems, etc. and Panel accessories (aluminium “U” bar,  aluminum inside support bar, aluminum vertical support angle bar, aluminum “T” beam, aluminum panel door frame, aluminum “h” bar, etc.) for installation of Cleanrooms;


3. Manufacturing and Installation of Panel doors such as: Panel air-tight doors, Panel sliding doors, Automatic panel sliding doors, Eleactric interlocking doors for Cleanrooms, and special types of doors for Cold storages;

4. Supply of ULPA filter systems (U15/U16/U17), HEPA filter systems (H11/H12/H13/H14), Pre Filter (F5/F6/F7/F8), Coarse Filter (G2/G3/G4). Supply of Differential pressure gauges;


5. Manufacturing and Construction of Airducts, Air valves and Air diffusers. Design and Construction of Air Conditioning and HVAC systems;


6. Design and Construction for the Dynamic electricity, Lighting electricity, Control - Electricity Systems of Cleanrooms;


7. Supply and Installation of Sampling LAF, Weighing LAF, Microbiology LAF and other laboratory equipment such as: fume hood, biosafety cabinet, laboratory bench, emergency eyewash, emergency airshower, laboratory gas treatment tower, Betalactam gas treatment tower, Passboxes and other products made from 304, 316L stainless steel;


8. Supply and Installation of Pure water treatment system (RO), Distilled water treatment system, Compressed-air system conforming to The American Pharmacopoeia (USP 29), Vietnamese Pharmacopoeia Edition IV. Construction of Microbiological stainless steel systems;

9. Complete Consultancy of GSP, GLP, GMP-WHO systems.


MINH CUONG GROUP always strives to find the best solutions for design and construction of cleanrooms with the most competitive prices. For each customer or each project, we always pay attention to the quality of construction and the warranty after construction. With the mottos: "Perform your works like our works" and "Best quality - Best price - Best after-sale service"MINH CUONG GROUP will surely satisfy the sternest customers.


We are looking forwards to receiving your cooperation in the future.


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